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Deer Creek Structures Horse Barn

As we all know, a great addition to any ranch or large property is a quality horse barn — but you don’t have to raid your life savings!   One of the easiest and least expensive ways to achieve a functional and attractive horse & animal barn starts with portable wooden barns and run-in sheds.  And when quality and affordability are important, Texas based Deer Creek Structures, family owned and operated since 2005, makes the ONLINE purchase of a quality portable barn the way to go in Texas and surrounding States.

Deer Creek Horse Barn

Depending on the amount of horses that you have, you can either get a small horse barn that can hold one or two horses, all the way up to sheds that can hold five or six horses. And if you plan to get more horses, you can always have multiple horse barns where you can keep your horses. Don’t leave your horses in a situation where they don’t have proper shelter.

Portable Shed Row Barns: Available in two sizes – 10 FT and 12 FT, Deer Creek Structure’s portable shed row horse barns are great for any kind of horse and, made with hardworking American craftsmanship that will last you a lifetime.   Choose from a selection of customizable features and other extras to suit the region that you live in or the spaces that you prefer.

Deer Creek Horse BarnChoose from metal roofing or shingles, as well as kickboard and roof decking overhangs.  Add a tack room or feed room to your barn and add a floor to either space. Additional doors and windows can also be added to your design, as well as gates, overhangs, vents and other features.

Deer Creek Structures will also seal and stain your barn according to your preferences and construct the unit at your ranch wherever you prefer.


Aisle Barns:  As any horse owner or rancher knows, land can become clustered pretty quickly; what starts off as just a few animals can suddenly explode into many. If possible, it is conducive having all horses and other livestock in one general area so you can keep an eye on everything.  Deer Creek’s Aisle Barns provide ample stall and tack room area plus a generous 10′ or 12′ wide aisle to work in. Dutch doors can be added to the back of each stall to give you outside access. These aisle barns will open up your property in ways you never thought possible!

Deer Creek Horse Barn

Whether you are a hobbyist with one or two horses for riding or you are an experienced trainer or competitor with dozens of horses, Deer Creek Structures can build barns to suit your ranch. Each barn and shed is made for horse owners by horse owners, so the preferences and needs of the horses are considered in every layout and design.

With high quality materials and sound construction, your barn will give your horses years of sound shelter in any weather, wherever your ranch is located and the portable construction allows you to move the barn around the ranch as needed.

Keeping your horses out of the elements and giving them a spacious and clean place to rest not only increases their lifespan and reduces health problems, but also makes the horse easier to manage and work with. While some barns and stables can amount to tens of thousands of dollars in expenses, portable barns give your horses the essential shelter that they need without expensive extras. While a warm, dry, clean space is vital to the horse’s well-being, large, excessive structures are often the result of the human caretaker’s preferences and aesthetic requirements than to better the horses themselves. Deer Creek Structure’s portable barns provide every comfort that the horse requires and gives the horse owner the freedom to expand their ranch or relocate the barn without extra expense. By defining the stall size you need, you can easily build a barn for any type of those that you have, whether you have a single horse you exercise often, a large draft horse that requires extra space, a mother and foal that require a double stall or some other arrangement.

Give the friendly knowledgeable folks a call at Deer Creek Structures, they would be happy to accommodate your need and build a barn that is the best fit for your horses.

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