Now is Time to Shore Up Your Fencing

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Now is the Time to Shore-Up Your Fencing

Spring has sprung…it’s the perfect time to shore-up your existing horse fencing! Wherever you live, the milder weather and persistently-longer days mean it’s time to maintain your horse fence, no matter how low-maintenance your system.

Why Spring is Fencing Season

What makes spring such a great time to shore-up your fence? If you live in a cold climate, hopefully the subsoil has started to thaw. Spring’s relatively wet weather makes for easy post installation, particularly before foliage grows all the way in. Your horses are also likely becoming more active around this time of year, spending more time outside. Odds are, your fence is going to get the most use it will get all year over the course of the next few months; make sure it’s up to the job.

A Spring Checklist for Horse Fencing

What kind of maintenance should you perform in spring? Here’s an incomplete checklist of some of the “low-hanging fruit” you can pick over the course of a weekend.

  • Walk the length of the fence to look for any fallen branches or other refuse that’s stressing the lines
  • Check for any loose or cracked posts; look for rotting posts if yours are made of wood or other organic material
  • Test all fencing wire and/or planks for durability; if any are loose or broken, replace them
  • Repaint fence posts and other components as needed
  • Check the security of your gate, and consider installing a wheel

Need a Lower-Maintenance Fence?

If you’re still struggling through the annual hassles brought on by wooden horse fences or if you’re worried your horses will suffer more cuts and nicks from their metal fencing this year, consider the alternative. CAMEO Fencing line is every bit as durable as traditional metal wire, but more flexible to accommodate your horses safely.

Our complete horse fencing systems are simple to install, even for a novice. Browse our selection of low-maintenance fence posts and equipment to pair with your CAMEO fence line, or call us directly to discuss your specific needs. We’re happy to help you design a custom fencing solution right over the phone, because every horse farm is different.

At CAMEO, we think your fence should work for you, not the other way around. Spring is the perfect time to stock up on replacement materials for your fence, maintain the containment area, and generally evaluate your system. If you’re ready for a change, give us a call Toll Free: 1 800-822-5426


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