Low Dust Bedding has Your Horse Breathing Easy

Guardian Horse Bedding

Using an exclusive manufacturing process, Guardian Horse Bedding™ has created what may be the industry’s most consistent, lowest dust Bedding Product on the market today that also lasts longer under hoof with greater absorbency.

“The Equine respiratory system is very sensitive to airborne particles in certain size ranges,” said company spokesman Claire Bryant.  “Our bedding is manufactured with the equine respiratory system in mind.  We use our products everyday in our own equine facilities and we control the quality of the product.”

Bryant also explained that the type of wood used is also quite important.  “Many hardwoods are toxic to horses and the slightest content of those hardwoods can potentially cause irreversible health problems in the Equine athlete.  The content of tannic acids and other toxins from hardwoods are too high a risk to take with our horses.  And, the density of hardwoods compared to most softwoods will reduce the absorption and coverage in the stall. This means you will use more hardwood bedding pound for pound over softwood”.

Horse bedding, whether pine shavings or pine pellets, is one of the greatest expenses for any horse farm owner.   “As stable owners ourselves, we recognize the importance of reducing animal bedding costs while maintaining the level of horse care and cost management you require,” emphasized Bryant.   “From manufacturer to manufacturer, wood shavings and wood pellets are not created equal. Year after year, we remain committed to providing the highest quality horse bedding options at the best possible prices.”

“Our Bedding comes in 40 pound bags,” said Bryant.  “Many other brands are 30, 33 and 35 pounds. Pound for pound, we consistently provide the best pricing for the best bedding product.”

Guardian Horse  Bedding is available through dealers across the country.

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100% Pine Pellets

These pellets are manufactured to higher standards than other pellets on the market. They use only kiln dried pine shavings and  extract the dust prior to pelleting so the softened fiber is lower in dust while maintaining high absorbency.  Packaged in a space saving bag that contains .95 cu. ft. of pelletized pine fiber (40 lbs).Ideal for litter box, cage or habitats our Premium Pine PelletProvides a clean, healthy environment by controlling ammonia levels and moisture.


Premium Flake Shaving

Multi screened for dust control.  The perfect blend of mini and medium flake pine shavings for maximum absorbency and large volumes.

This is an absolutely beautiful product.

  • 8.0+ cubic feet prior to compression
  • 2.5 cubic feet ultra-compressed package that is easy to handle and store. Get more facts about packaging and volume.
  • 7.5 or more cubic feet after compression. (product is labeled at 6.75 after expansion, but the actual volume is much higher)

Gold Standard Small Flake Shavings


A small pine flake that offers incredible absorbency and siftability but with the aesthetic of a true shaving. More siftable than Premium Flake, more volume than Swift Pick™ mini flake, our Gold Standard™ small flake shaving is the best of both worlds. When a clean, high volume wood shaving is just as important as functionality – consider Guardian Gold! Multi screened to control dust leaving only the clean, beautiful, functional small pine flakes. This is a highly compressed bag that expands to an incredible volume! Another High Quality Guardian wood shaving at an affordable price.

Swift Pick Mini-Flake Pine Shavings

Guardian Horse Bedding


Premium mini flake pine wood shavings. Precision textured for easy picking, kiln dried for extra absorbency!

This product really packs a punch.  Swift Pick mini flake pine shavings are precision screened to remove dust and large flakes.  The mini flake is easy to pick and will reduce your consumption and disposal much like the pellet, but it is Ready to Bed!  Packaged in an ultra compressed tote bale with gusset grabs.

Bags are easy to handle, easy to store.

Guardian Horse Bedding



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