Silly Horse Stories Horse Stories Horse StoriesI was so excited. I had found a beautiful, 6yr Appendix Quarter Horse for sale on the coast for just $300! (1988) I wanted a larger horse to start dressage training (on a low budget) and this was it. The owner called him “The Bay”.

Ooh, I liked that name. I thought about it all week. When I arrived at the owner’s stable I was trailered up with $300 in hand. A big cowboy stepped out of the house and when I asked to see the horse, he pointed up the hill.

“Well, he’s up on in the big pasture. We’ll have to walk out there so you can check him out”.

“So, does “The Bay” have any vices? How tall is he really?” I had several questions for the cowboy as we made our way up the hill. “The Bay”. I knew he was off the track, so my imagination went wild with how that would have sounded… “The Bay rounds the bend, two lengths in the lead”!

When we reached the gate I was surprised by a dozen slick, grass fed, very pretty horses – paints, chestnuts, white, black, appaloosa – and a bay.

The owner chuckled, “yep, there’s the palomino, the paint, the grey, the bay” – he thought that was sooooo funny.

I named him Brian. (pic of a horse that looked just like him)

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