What you feed your horse is important

Non GMO Flax Seed Horse Feed:   What you feed your horse is important – and when looking for the most nutritious horse feed, one has to seriously consider the source.  One company in North Dakota has created a one-of-a-kind cold milling process for their flax seed equine feed, that keeps all nutrients intact.  They don’t crush, grind or separate flax oil from the seed creating the best quality cold milled flax on the market today.
Give Cold Milled Flax Seed Horse Feed a try! Omega Rich, GMO Free, never exposed to any heat!
Visit ND Flax Milling and place your order here.

ND Flax MillinND Flax Millingg, LLC is a family run operation that produces most of its product on the family farm using NON-GMO Flax, cleaned too minimum 99% purity.   Their product is rich in OMEGA-3 and other nutrients.  Cold Milling whole natural flax seed means it is never exposed to heat, thus preserving the purity and integrity of the OMEGA-3 and other natural nutrients, also making it easily digestible for all animals. Milled Flax is one of the highest (natural) sources of OMEGA-3 fatty acids. It contains 42% oil and 23% protein.ND Flax Milling

Flax needs to be processed in order to optimze nutrient utilization.  ND Flax Milling Triple Cleans their product (Flax Only) and uses Cold Processing that does not generate heat or expose the flax to light during Milling.  This preserves all the nutrients and makes it easier to digest.

And because Flax is ALL they do, there is no risk of contamination, guaranteeing the purest, freshest product available on the market today.

All equipment is FDA food grade compatible but ALL they do is Animal Feed!  They provide pure quality product for Equine, Livestock, Swine – all with up to a 2-year shelf life.   And different mesh sizes of Cold Milled Flax are available.

About North Dakota Flax Mill

  • Family farm owned mill in the central part of North Dakota featuring a new, fully operational, state-of-the-art, stainless steel mill and processing facility. With the ability to bag 25 lbs, 50 lbs to 2000 lbs to semi loads, there are many possibilites and they can even custom package for your needs. Milling to order gives their customers the freshest product….

What sets ND Flax Milling Company apart from other flax companies?

  • Flax is all they do, so there is no risk of contamination. Also, cold milling is the only process used so they can guarentee high quality, naturally preserved products.

What kind of Flax Supplement does ND Flax Milling Offer?

  • Only specializing in milled flax, they have the ability to differ mesh sizes.

How clean is the product?

  • They use a triple clean our flax seeds and use the newest cold milling technology available, ensuring it is cleaned to 99% purity.

  What animals are benefited?

  • Many animals receive health boosts. The main animals include: Cattle, Equine, Swine, Poultry…

What is the pricing scale?

  • Because ND Flax Milling offers custom sizes, their prices are determined via email or phone. With the option to ship your flax to them or search around and order flax for them to mill, setting a price is near impossible.   They have many shipping options available. Contacting them direct is the best way to ensure your lowest price!

  • Here is an eexample of how their pricing works:ND Flax Milling

Check out ND Flax Milling LLC’s website or give them a call.  They would love to hear from you and answer your Horse Feed Questions!  Be sure to tell them Stable.com sent ya!

ND Flax Milling, LLC – 701-398-5190 – NDFlaxMill.com

ND Flax Milling

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