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Here at Stable.com we stay on top of all the latest technologies, innovations and improvements to all kinds of equine products and services.  In this report, we’ve rounded up a unique fencing solution we think you should know about with a company that delivers quality barn interiors that we know you’ll love.
Cameo Horse Fencing
Cameo Horse Fencing

First, how about that fence line.  It has to be affordable, good looking, safe, durable, and most off all, it has to keep your livestock “in”.   There are many fine equine fencing options on the market today, from electric to vinyl and back to good old wood.   CAMEO Fencing took a different tact with a unique “No Metal Wire” fencing solution, based on a white line of nylon using UV stabilized polymer that was designed specifically for horse fencing.


This unique monofilament (single extrusion) fence line is flexible and gives approximately 20 percent before returning to its original position.  “Our “Cameo” Fencing Product is flexible and strong,  if your horse runs into this fence, they will bounce off it,” said business owner, Nancy Parrish.  “CAMEO” fencing i s easy to install, last 10 to 15 years with a full 10 years Warranty. “


“We designed “CAMEO” fencing with your horse in mind,” emphasized Parirish.   “And, made sure it was  designed for your horse with you in mind while also making it easy to install yourself”.  Cameo Fencing provides this unique line of fencing in rolls measuring 1000, 2000 or 3000 foot rolls backed up with all the hardware you need. wwww.CameoFencing.com.
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