www.MicroRain.net — Micro Rain arena watering systems are the latest innovation in arena watering. Today’s horse owners know the importance of maintaining moisture content in their arena to insure proper footing and control dust to keep horse and rider healthy. Micro Rain systems provide the labor free solution to watering dusty arenas!

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Horse owners have experimented for years with different methods of watering. Hand watering, stationary sprinklers, cumbersome water trucks, fence top sprinklers, and other methods are many times less than adequate and can be eliminated with the Micro Rain system. With staff members knowledgeable in the horse industry, Micro Rain systems have been designed with high speed gearing options, sprinkler head combinations, and model selections to fit most any arena size.


If you have an arena, you know how important arena watering can be in maintaining moisture content and creating a safe, rideable and workable arena footing, not to mention dust control!  MicroRain.net — Micro Rain arena watering systems have put to use the latest innovation in arena watering technology to create a labor free solution to watering dusty arenas! From small areas to large acreages, Micro Rain travelers are designed to put “convenience” back into watering. No more spending time moving sprinklers and hoses! Simply set the Micro Rain system at the end of the area to be irrigated, pull the sprinkler cart and hose out, turn on the water, and set the machine at the retraction rate that you desire. The Micro Rain system will simply retract while watering leaving the irrigation lane perfectly watered and shuts off when finished.

Microrain arena watering systems

The extensive Micro Rain product line below outlines individual machine performance and features for assistance in choosing the appropriate model for your application! Compact and effective reel sprinkler! The MR25 connects to a standard ¾ inch garden hose to operate totally unattended, with flows ranging from 3 to 10 gallons per minute. The sheer ease of setup and operation makes the MR25 very popular with homeowners for watering large lawns and gardens.

Microrain arena watering systems

The MR43 is one of our most popular machines and meets a variety of irrigation needs including single pass coverage on football fields, large riding arenas, small acreage irrigation, and much more! Built with a three wheel chassis design and integrated stabilizer hitch, the MR43 has a flow range from 15 to 60 gallons per minute and a 393 feet hose length. The MR43 can effectively water up to 1.5 acres in a single pull! Visit MicroRain.net or Call Today (800) 373-9325

Microrain arena watering systems