top_leaderboard_stallsUse the Healing Power of Sunlight

Ah yes, sunlight!   It’s warm, soothing and feels so good -and the healing and healthful effects of sunlight are well known.   Now you can use the Power of Sunlight in Your Indoor barn.

Introducing the Warendorf Horse Solarium, the most powerful therapeutic horse solariums on the market! Powered by special infrared bulb heaters, the Warendorf Horse Solarium provides a pleasant warming effect that improves blood circulations in the muscles and helps to relax tense muscles.  The solarium promotes overall health and performance; strengthens vital functions and the immune system – the effect is similar to a horse being out in a field and enjoying warm sunshine.

The horse solarium can be a useful way to complement the natural healing of a horse that has suffered abrasions or a sore back.  It increases suppleness of the horse before exercise.  In addition to their therapeutic use, the Equine solarium can also be used to dry horses after exercise and bathing.
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Advantages of the Warendorfer Horse Solarium

  • The rays of heat penetrate into the muscular tissue and tendons and help stimulate the blood circulation thus resulting in quicker healing time after injuries
  • Pre-Exercise warm-up under the Solarium
  • Speeds up drying time after exercise and bathing
  • Enhanced natural production of vitamin D3
  • Faster decomposition of lactic acid and enhanced metabolism
  • Perfect for installation in wash stalls or grooming areas