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equine probiotics

ScreenHunter_04 Feb. 22 12.20Jackpot Equine Probiotics

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Keeping livestock healthy is essential for any livestock operation and it’s now generally accepted that probiotics have a place in this quest for equine health.  The digestive tract of your horse is critical to his health and also to weight gain.   So any means of speeding the recovery of the digestive tract after shipping, worming,  anti-biotic usage, or any stressful activity only helps the bottom line, quality of production, and the environment for the animals.



Jackpot Livestock Probiotics brings beneficial, soil-borne microbes (bacteria) found in nature to your animals. The microbes in Jackpot help to maintain the animals’ digestive systems for optimum digestion of food. Livestock kept in contained areas are stressed and can’t assimilate their food well. Weight gain is critical and with compromised digestion of food due to the loss of proper microbes in the digestive tract costs producers money every day. Jackpot helps replenish the microbes no longer in the animal’s digestive tract due to antibiotic use, worming, or stress caused from shipping or other environmental factors.

ScreenHunter_02 Feb. 22 12.12Adding Jackpot Livestock Probiotics to animals’ drinking water or feed will allow them to maintain the optimum level of beneficial microbes for digestion:

  • Helps them digestion and assimilation of nutrients from feed
  • Reduces stress associated with boarding/shipping/hauling
  • Helps reduce intestinal stress of antibiotic treatment and worming


ScreenHunter_03 Feb. 22 12.20In addition to supplementing your horses feed with probiotics, Bio Si also created “Floor-Mate” for use in stalls, pens, corrals or anywhere animals are confined.

“Floor-Mate” contains beneficial microbes (found in nature) that help control odors in poultry houses, horse stalls, dairy barns, hog barns, and anywhere livestock is held. Floor-Mate helps to improve the conditions animals are kept in especially where manure can build up over time and cause problems with air quality for the animals. Floor-Mate helps to reduce the possibility of pathogens becoming the dominate species in the animals environment by out competing them for space and food. Microbes do this every day in nature.Microbes naturally break down the proteins, salts, and other materials found in urine and fecal matter, which can cause musty, unpleasant odors (ammonia). This is unhealthy for the animals and can lead to serious problems.

Bio S.I. Floor-Mate’s naturally occurring, soil borne microbes:

  • Improve the animals’ environment
  • Break down solids faster
  • Control odors

The microbes found in Bio S.I.’s probiotic products help ensure that your horses remains in top form—the natural way.

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